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Ok so its been a little while since hence i last wrote something and been trying to do at least something a little bit more active on my journal...i also watch ALOT of anime and cartoons for "research" purposes - cause yeah, no one ever said research cant be fun!

So as my next 3 month entry thingy, Im doing a simple anime review this round of
This is pretty much entries of animes I feel people forgot about that is REALLY AWESOME or animes that I feel dont get the love they deserved. So before we begin, there is alot of people saying that underrated and overrated is misused or misunderstood - so my underrated anime im putting here is simple why they here - they dont get the love and play time i feel they need. I base this pretty much on fanarts, mentions, reviews, watch counts, amv's made and so on. So this is my personal opinion of animes - ME! 
So without hobbling any further, lets get to them

So I was going through all the anime i can remember that made me laugh, cry, inspired and go OMG!!! that has an amazing backstory, sweet animation graphics and want to burn the house down when i heard there wont be a chance of a next season. As i couldnt just pause on 3 as they to hard to pick between, Im just throwing them all down here.

Baccano! - 2007
Alot of people have this as an underated anime and its amazingly clear how obviously why! From the sister anime Durarara!(ra?) success with Celty and all the other miscreants, its weird that this one never really took off. Its got it ALL! Comedy, drama, action, mobs, mafia, mystery and a ton of twists and turns that makes you go WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? I started with one episode and I just couldnt stop. The characters are so well developed and fleshed out, that its one of those animes you just cant pick a favorite. Which makes it a little more of a hard twist towards the ending but you learn to live with it...or do you? 

PeaceKeeper OR PeaceMaker - 2003
This one can oddly be found under either name and its so weird that almost no-one i know has even heard of this anime. Stumbling across it while looking for Kenshin one day, i ended up watching it all in one go - all 24 episodes. Just to want to flip desks to find out that this was it. I should probably start investing more into the manga for it because its the funniest most actiony of animes ive seen. With a perfect balance of serious and comedy, you will not only be in stitches at some points but will be sniffling away at others. 

Zombie Loan - 2007
So i stumbled onto this originally by finding the manga on sale at a local bookstore and completely fell in love with it from there, then later found the anime. The quirky characters are alot like some well known animes of today but with their own style and flair complimented with a heavy story line. I felt at the time when i found it to be something familiar yet unique in every single way as it includes quite a bit of mythology with quite the charm of comedy that they mix out with dark action - a sure watch for anyone that likes undead with laughs and seeing the grim reaper like you never have before.

School Rumble - 2004 & 2006
Ok so i dont know if i missed the window when this was huge or if people just completely missed this one. This is one of my all time favorite school comedy gag type animes with so many crossover references like DBZ and many others alike. Its literary left me in stitches every time i watched this. Mental note though - dont watch this if you havent watched alot of animes - you will miss alot of the jokes! I laughed at Tenma, cried for Harima and just wanted to hug Yakumo to get her to smile more.

Skip Beat! - 2008 | Princess JellyFish - 2010
Ok so i listed these two together as they kind of similar but not at all in the same sense. Both of these is about someone losing and then finding themselves and be lead to a higher purpose. Where SkipBeat! is more of an adult version of the two, both main characters still under massive changes while harboring dashing men and enough strong women with crises hitting them from the deep end to make sure that their goals will be earned and not given. If you the romantic comedy type that loves to see every dog get their day or just want to get lost in an anime style swan princess story, then either of these will do. I cried soooooooo hard when i learned neither is getting another season T.T

Corpse Party - 2013
So alot of people been giving me recommendations for "sccccccaaaarrrrrryyyyy" anime...ive had things recommended from Another (bit cringy, not scary - good plot though), to Yamishibai (i didnt get far, its not for the superstitious) to Higurashi (Loved it! Also a little underrated but getting its love). One that really hit me with enough gore and peeping over a blanket because of plot though is Corpse party! Ghost Hunt also in this category but i see people enjoying it lately more so its falling out of it again. So its one thing to get stuck in the real world with murdering corpses - its another to get stuck in an alternate world with murdering corpses that love screwing up your mind first - to some this wont be so scary but it was plenty to get my heart rate going and for me to go "not watching this at uh!!!" For a short 4 episodes anime, im quite ok NOT playing the games thanks. 

And thats the main list! Some honorable mentions I should include that have their ratings go up and down are: 
Dog Days 2011 - I want to play in their wars! 
Prison School 2015 - Fan service and just plain twisted plots 
Kamigami no Asobi 2013 - Fan service for women! Also i was rather sniffing at the end
Inu x Boku SS - 2012 - It has cute and fun moments
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun 2014 & Bakuman 2010 - Life as a mangaka isnt easy 

And lastly the FORGOTTEN
There is few animes that seem younger to me than I think but always happy to rewatch them over and over and get the idea. As they all were my firsts, they will always remain in my heart! If you have not seen any of these, i highly recommend you check them out. So if you bored with digitized anime and just want a little blast of the past, remember to look up your oldies like:
Hellsing - 2001 - & Hellsing Ultimate - 2006 - with the orignal 13 episodes bring my world into anime, this will always and forever be my fav anime of all time
Rurouni Kenshin - 1996 - my second ever XD and i still love the fighting animations in this
GTO or Great Teacher Onizuka - 1999 - teaching has never been this fun, or rebellious 
Golden Boy - 1995 - have you hugged your toilet today?
Battle Angel Alita - 1993 - oh the feels in this...
Vampire Hunter D - 1985 - since vampires should stay badass as well as their hunters
Ghost in the Shell - 1995 - As much as some remember it, they forget it as well
Violinist of Hameln - 1996 - the OVA, not the series
and i can go on and on with Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Patlabor and so on but all things need to have an end.

And thats a wrap. Hope you find something fun to watch from this "endless" list of mine.
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So before we start, these are not all NEW anime, i just happen to stumble along them as i work and watch. And as many favs as I have lately, these 3 pretty much sticking with me. 
if you want a site where you can go watch them OR other cartoons like Simsons & Gumball, check out these:
Pretty much my main source of anime & cartoons. 
its just stupidly funny but VERY raw at some points. but TOTALLY worth the watch if you want something that will make you snort or laugh out loud more than once per episode.
EARLY WARNING : MATURE CONTENT (like most anime :p

Its got some VERY cool stuff and ideas - careful though, it feeds the brain so it wants you to do more than what you can. Check it if you stuck in that artist block spot - seems to work wonders for me

All round adventure if you that lil extra inspiration for story or monster/alien design. Or just watch if you in a little need of some bizarre adventures. 
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